MOOvalous Milk

MOOvalous Milk


It’s November and there is a chill in the air but there is something so cozy about the fall… don’t you think?

You can make your fall evenings even cozier with a hot steamed milk before bedtime to warm you up and help you relax…not to mention, milk has numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of MILK

-Nutrient Dense

Good news is, whether you drink your milk warm or cold, you'll take in nutrient-dense calories. There are approximately 122 calories in one cup of 2 percent milk.  These calories come from a mix of healthy protein and carbs and each cup of warm milk has about 12 grams of natural sugar, which fuels your muscles and brain, plus 8 grams of complete protein, which contains all the amino acids you need for cellular and tissue growth. Complete protein is especially important for staying fit and healthy. It nourishes your muscle tissues, keeps your immune system strong and even helps you make essential hormones.

-Good for the Bones

Warm milk, just like milk served cold, is great for your bone health. Your body can use the amino acids in milk to make proteins like collagen, which contribute to your bone structure and prevent brittleness that could otherwise raise your risk of a bone fracture.  And each cup of milk contains your daily value for calcium. Most commercial brands of milk also come fortified with vitamin D, which contributes to bone health by helping you absorb and use calcium.

Other Potential Health Benefits

Capping your day with a glass of warm milk offers other benefits, too. Milk is a great source of vitamin B-12, and each cup supplies about one-fifth of your daily value. Boosting your B-12 intake is important for feeling energized, making healthy red blood cells and it is also good for nerve health, and the many B-complex vitamins in milk -- including riboflavin and vitamin B-5 -- work together to support your metabolism.

Spice It Up

Adding nutritious ingredients to your warm milk can boost health benefits as well as flavor. Stir a dash of ginger and cinnamon into your milk as it adds flavor and both spices come packed with antioxidants.  Adding dried or fresh turmeric with a small amount of honey for sweetness also contains beneficial antioxidants and helps relieve inflammation -- an important health benefit, since excess inflammation is linked to obesity and heart disease.


Hot Milk Ideas

Check out The Pioneer Woman website for great Hot Steamed Milk ideas.


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