Mother’s Day Weekend at EcoDairy

Mother's Day Weekend at EcoDairy


Mom’s we’ve got you. You work hard and deserve to spend your Mother’s Day weekend however you choose, whether that means spending it with, or WITHOUT your family! Maybe some of you will choose to spend the day at the spa, or finally try out that Zumba class you’ve had your eye on. Maybe you’re looking forward to cracking open a new book (or bottle of wine). Whatever it may be, let us entertain your family (and you if you wish) for an afternoon.

Here’s what Mother’s Day weekend at EcoDairy is going to look like this year: DAD’S TOUR FREE!


That’s right.

Dad’s tour free on Mother’s Day at EcoDairy, because the kids need to be kept busy and Dad has to go along for the ride. (Mom’s you get free admission too if you’re tagging along.)

How to spend Mother’s Day at EcoDairy:

  1. Arrive half an hour before your tour to explore the Discovery Zone, watch our Moo-vie, and get your Amoozing Race punch card.
  2. Tour the dairy barn and get face to face the EcoDairy cows! Get your farmhand experience and learn about where good Canadian food comes from. View the hydrogreen where we grow wheatgrass INDOORS for our farm animals.
  3. Grab a bag of snacks for $1 to feed the petting zoo animals. (Visit our NEW BABY LAMBS!)
  4. Complete our AMOOZING RACE as you explore the back field and learn more about our chickens, bees, grass-fed beef cows and berries!
  5. Snap a photo at our photo booth with your completed Amoozing Race cards #SayMoo!
  6. Head over to Nature’s Pickin’s to grab everything you need for a picnic lunch in the back field. We have a covered patio available and more picnic tables in the field. Find one of our Giant Jenga sets and give it a go!


  1. Take one more trip to Nature’s Pickin’s before you go. Pick up a jug of EcoDairy Milk and the ingredients for dinner so you can surprise Mom with her favourite meal.

We love you mom. You deserve the best today and every day.

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