Mrs. Helinda’s Playgroup Class of ’07-’09

Mrs. Helinda's Playgroup Class of '07-'09




I said it before and I will say it again…I LOVE MY JOB!

Playgroup is the best.  What’s not to love?!?

I get to spend 2 mornings a week with a dozen inquisitive and energetic preschoolers who are eager to explore the farm, learn new things, sing songs, read books, make crafts, and go on adventures with me.  We learn about the ABC’s and about apples, barns and cows …all the way to Z and zoo’s.  And we learn about 123’s…counting up to 10, counting down from 10…and Gummy Bear Math is always a hit. We will start out with 12 gummy bears in a variety of colors and end up with zero…where did they all go?!? (Yummy in My Tummy Gummy Bear Math is more like it)

Okay, it may not be everybody’s cup of tea but I love it.  These kids, seriously…those faces, the personalities and energy and curiosity and eagerness, all bring me such joy.

Playgroup runs out of EcoDairy Monday and Wednesday morning with some kids just attending 1x a week and others attending 2x a week.

Summer is here and the Monday and Wednesday classes of Playgroup have wrapped up for the year and I am already missing my Playgroupers…or should I call them PlayGroupies..

I am fortunate to get to see some here and there and out and about and when I do see them I feel like celebrity…they are always eager to greet me ‘HI MRS. HELINDA’ and tell me what’s up.

Some of the group is off to kindergarten, some will be returning in the fall and then there will be new faces and new little personalities to get to know.

Sure, the summer break is nice but I am already looking forward to what and who September has in store for Playgroup 2018-2019.

Until we meet again my little friends!

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