Natural Egg Dying!

Natural Egg Dying!

Did you dye Easter eggs as a kid? We’ve all seen those egg dying kits you can buy at Save-On or Wal-Mart… It’s a fun way to add some colour to an Easter breakfast, but have you ever tried experimenting with natural dyes that could come straight from your garden?

We’re featuring a blog post from “Just Short of Crazy” that experiments with 10 different natural ingredients (coffee, yellow onion, blueberry and chilli powder to name a few) to dye eggs! These may be more for display, but you can certainly eat them as well! Although we’re not sure if we would enjoy coffee flavoured eggs… Each to his own!

Check out the recipe and process here

Photo Credit* Just Short of Crazy


For MORE natural egg dying inspiration check out this blog feature Highstreet did on EcoDairy a few years ago!


Photo Cred: Highstreet in Abbotsford

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