Paska: it may sound foreign to some folks but to many it is an Easter tradition.


What is Paska?

Paska is a sweet bread eaten at Easter by many Christians with eastern European heritage.  With a substantial local Mennonite and eastern European population we find Paska breads and buns for sale at local bakeries and eateries as well as recipes popping up on-line.  Many homes perhaps never grew up with Paska but have been introduced to it and fallen in love with this sweet bread.


Making Paska!

Below is a recipe that I’m hoping to try this Easter weekend.  Just looking at those images is making my mouth water.  Sweet dough – icing – sprinkles – seriously…what’s not to love?


Photo cred: Kelsey the Farmer's Daughter


The Paska is bound to be delicious and by sourcing local ingredients like EcoDairy milk and Vitala Foods or FreeBird eggs you can feel good about supporting local.

But alas … if you are not a baker I hear Old Hand Coffee and Traceycakes is taking paska orders and The PollyFox is taking orders for dairy free and gluten free paska.


Happy Easter!

Whatever you’re up to this weekend,

And whatever you decide to eat,

We hope that your Easter,

Is happy and sweet!

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