Preserves ProD Day Camp Recap!

Preserves ProD Day Camp Recap!

We had a ton of fun exploring preserves this past Friday with 9 awesome campers! We took a trip to Nature's Pickin's grocery store to pick up ingredients to make three preserves together: Jam, pickles and salsa!

We also spent time learning about the farmer's daily chores, like push up the cow's food, check on the animals in our outdoor exhibit, make sure farm equipment is running as it should and more.

Each month we want to focus on a new aspect of the farm with our campers, to give them a vivid idea of the importance of agriculture and how valuable a farmer's work really is!

Join us this March for SPRING BREAK CAMP! "Spring into a Farmer's Boots"! We're going to really "dig" into what it takes to be a farmer in the spring.

See a photo album of our Preserves ProD Camp Adventures here!


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