Ready or not, here it comes! Back to School is just around the corner.

We know it’s coming so why not be ready for the morning mayhem, lousy lunches, bursting backpacks and piles of paper.

We consulted some experts and devised a bit of a plan on how to make the transition from summer to school as painless as possible.

Rest Up

Catch up on sleep.  Getting prepared for the early mornings and busy days requires a good night’s rest so why not start now by making earlier bedtimes and earlier rise times.  This way the morning alarm won’t feel so painful on the first day (or week or month) of school.

Stock Up

Time to really start thinking about nutritious breakfasts, packed lunches and easy dinners.  Why not have the kids make a list breakfasts items that will give them energy for the day, of lunch items they will enjoy packing and dinners they will happily eat and maybe even prepare for the family.  Try taking the kids shopping to pick out the fruit and veggies for their lunch or the meat and bread they want on their sandwich or the dinner they will cook.  Stocking up on the items that get them excited about food will make things easier when it comes to meal planning and preparation.


Smarten Up

Why not brush up on reading and math by implementing a home reading challenge and participating in math games and activities.  There are lots of great books available at the local library and there are some pretty brilliant math games on line or you can even use a deck of cards, a clock on the wall or money to brush up on number sense. A little field trip to EcoDairy is another way to make the learning fun.


Dress Up

Okay…maybe ‘dress up’ is the wrong way to describe it, but basically you want to be on top of the fall wardrobe.  You don’t want to find out the kids pants are too short, the shoes are too tight and the socks have holes so take inventory and figure out what is needed.  This way when you go back to school shopping you will get what is needed.


Set Up

To stay on top of the various September school, sports, activities, work and church schedules why not set up a command center.  The command center is the place for the main family calendar, notices coming home, forms to be completed and maybe even a place to do homework.  This will help bring calm and organization what could potentially be household chaos.


Times Up

Seriously though, we are back at school in a little over a week.  We hope these little tips and tricks will help bring calm to the chaos that is back to school.

We hope that through following these simple steps you will really have the opportunity to enjoy what is left of summer and Rest Up before the school bells ring.

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