Register for Summer Camp 2019!

Register for Summer Camp 2019!


We had our last school tour of the season today. From the beginning of the school year (September 2018), to the end (June 2019), we had 48 school tours and 2,198 students from pre-k, university and everything in between, (not including other community groups and walk-in tours). It’s been a great season of learning and we’re thankful for all of the wonderful classes that chose us as one of their field trip destinations this year.

And just like that, as we waived goodbye to our last school bus we switched from school mode to summer mode. (Happy first day of summer!)

We’re getting ready to welcome a new wave of kids to the farm – SUMMER CAMPERS! We’re excited to see some of our regulars and meet some new friends along the way.

Summer camp at EcoDairy is a place where we make a connection to where our food comes from by exploring the land, doing farmer chores, and making snacks using local ingredients (many from our own farm).

We enjoy a week of “un-plugged” fun which is RARE nowadays! No cell phones, no ipads, no screen time. Instead, we stuff our faces with fresh berries from the u-pick, shovel hay for the cows, read stories, do crafts and science experiments, RUN through the fields, get slobbered on by animals, have picnic lunches in the back field – we get our hands dirty, and our clothes, and our shoes… But it’s okay because kids are washable. 🙂

The Deets…

Want to join the fun? We have four weeks of summer camp available:

July 8-12
July 22-26
August 5-9
August 19-23

Each week is about 50% full now and we usually sell out, so if you want to grab a space before they’re gone head over to our camps booking page and register online!

Be Prepared…

Please bring: Inside/outside shoes, suitable clothes for the weather, a WATER BOTTLE, lunch & snack. We’ll take care of the rest.



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