Rocket Science?

Rocket Science?

Does the thought of building your own rocket put a sparkle in your eye? Have you ever wondered what engineering is involved in sending such a ship into the sky? We’ve all heard the phrase “It’s not rocket science”, which is another way of saying “It’s not that hard to understand”… Though rocket scientists are brilliant people the concept rocket science is based on should be pretty easy to understand. “The same basic science concepts and laws work in both huge NASA rockets and small paper ones.”

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Nasa has a section on their website where YOU can send your own rocket up into the sky.

Launch here!


If you’re in the mood to construct your own rocket at home check out Lemon and Lime Adventures for a great guide!

OR feel free to pop into EcoDairy and just buy one of our “almost already made” rockets from the retail stand.


3,2,1… Take off!

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