Rosa the Cow

Rosa the Cow



Meet Rosa, what a girl. She has that special sweet face that’ll let her get away with just about anything. If you’ve followed our blogs before you may know that each of our lovely ladies are named after schools in and around Abbotsford! How cool is that? And if you go to Ross Elementary, Rosa is your gal. We love when schools visit us to learn more about the environment, local food, agriculture, farm animals, and more! Rosa is all part of the amoo-zing adventure that is EcoDairy.

Rosa likes long walks in the barn, she maintains a healthy diet and reminds the other cows to drink their daily bathtub’s worth of water, gotta’ stay hydrated especially as temperatures start to rise outside! (Not that Rosa ever has to worry about getting too hot with her fans and water misters.)

What a sweetie! Next time you’re in the area come say hello to Rosa and her friends!

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