September on the Farm

September on the Farm


Hey ya’ll, Vicki here!

Ahhh September. While ya’ll are busy getting ready for a fresh school year, getting back into routines and schedules, the girls and I here at EcoDairy are livin’ easy. Yeah! We LOVE summer here on the farm and we’ll be sad to see it go… But I gotta’ tell ya’ we are mooo-re than ready for fall.

Here at EcoDairy the farmer keeps our schedules reliable all year long, which we appreciate, but he’s always looking for ways to improve our already cushy-comfortable lifestyle. This summer he added a fresh, healthy new ingredient to our daily feed mixture and we can’t get enough of it! Fall is a time of the year when our temperature-controlled barn doesn’t have to work so hard to keep us cool anymore… But thanks to our water misters, fans and air ventilation we beat the heat all summer!

We’re excited to welcome school tours back to the barn and teach another year of students about our robot milker, how our poo makes the lights turn on and where their milk really comes from!

There’s a few special fall features here on the farm for YOU to enjoy on your next visit too! Our indoor garden spot has transformed, the leaves are falling in the back field, we have new colouring sheets in our Moozanine play space and we’re getting ready for our annual Halloween event: Moo or Boo and our ProD Day camps that run throughout the school year!

What are you looking forward to this fall?

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