Shape Your World Society’s Total Makeover Challenge!

Shape Your World Society's Total Makeover Challenge!





It’s that time of year again, time for The Total Makeover Challenge.  Perhaps you checked it out on line or have seen it in the papers or better yet know one of the participants.  I always find the TMC inspiring. I find it especially intriguing because last year my sister-in-law won the Abbotsford Total Makeover Challenge.  In fact, she’s even on the cover of the January issue of their magazine. Looking good Gwen!!!



The Total Makeover Challenge is put on by the Shape Your World  Society (SYWS) which is a Non Profit Organization.  The TMC program ‘takes women through an inner and outer "Transformation Journey" which encourages them to grow, evolve and be empowered. It includes nutritional coaching, fitness training, beauty tips, how to walk and talk with confidence, and personal growth seminars that work on self-esteem, leadership skills and finding one’s personal mission statement. 

That’s sound impressive and we are not the only ones who think that.



Back in the fall I was invited to Shape Your World Society’s Blog & Glog event where we had the opportunity to hear about The Total Makeover Challenge from past participants, winners, organizers, supporters & sponsors.  It was a truly inspiring night as we heard how The Total Makeover Challenge changes lives.  The participants don’t just work on losing weight and getting fit.  They work on who they are as people and work on the body, the mind and the heart & soul.  It was wonderful to meet so many wonderful participants, organizers, sponsors and supporters who make the TMC possible.

TMC really does change lives and we are happy to support the cause. For several years we have been a sponsor as well as a stop for the TMC Amazing Race (which is soooooo much fun)and this year we are providing them with a meeting space in our MOOZANINE.


To find out more about TMS, check out their website.



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