Spring Break 2019 – That’s a Wrap

Spring Break 2019 – That’s a Wrap



Spring Break Away

Some of us had the opportunity to head out of town for some much needed rest and relaxation and family bonding time.

For some families, Spring Break is when the school, sports and activities shut down for 2 weeks … and especially so when you leave the schedules behind, take a plane and head out of town to some warm tropical paradise.

Our very own Mr. Scott and his family and Mrs. Helinda and her family found themselves on the same tropical island paradise.

And it was medicine for the soul.

Spring Break at Home on the Farm

Others stayed local and enjoyed the warm sunshine and what seems to be the true arrival of spring.  It’s been gorgeous in our neck of the woods.

I mean just look outside.

No traces of snow and the temperatures are rising.

The grass is changing from the dull yellowish green to a more vibrant green and there are buds and spring blooms.

Birds are chirping, there are some bees buzzing around and the animals are spending more time grazing outdoors… the goats are often on the roof soaking in the sunshine.

Spring Break Camp was a hit and many people came to enjoy spring on the farm and farm tours here at EcoDairy.

But alas…after this weekend it means Back to School for the final stretch before summer break.

We hope you enjoyed your Spring Break as much as we did and we hope you come and visit us soon here on the farm.  We welcome individuals, families, group tours, we even have a few more spaces for school field trips.  Contact EcoDairy to find out more.


See you at the farm!

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