Spring Break Camp 2019

Spring Break Camp 2019


Ahh Spring Break - It’s that time of the year when teachers say “SEE’YA IN TWO WEEKS!” and the EcoDairy staff open the doors to 15 eager kiddos for a week of fun on the farm.

Just like anyone’s first day of anything, it can feel a little off, maybe uncertain or exciting. We met some new kids this week and welcomed back a handful of regular campers. We began our week-long adventure with EcoDairy’s own Amoozing Race! This was a great way to introduce all the different topics we would be learning about throughout the week, and it provided an opportunity to work together to complete all 9 race stations around the farm. WELCOME TO ECODAIRY!

We lucked out with some seriously beautiful weather this year, like we’re talking WATER FIGHTS IN THE BACK FIELD kind of beautiful!

We got to play with baby goats, visit the Science Lab, go on a “field hike”, do farmer chores, plant wildflower seeds, make and eat delicious farm fresh snacks like scrambled eggs, fruit salad and smoothies, explored special behind the scenes areas of the farm, picked eggs, and the list goes on and on and on.

Goldie the Cow was the star of the show this week. Each time we went into the dairy barn it was “Where’s Goldie?!” “I love Goldie” “Goldie’s my favourite!!” We think Goldie felt the same about the kids.

Times sure flies when you’re having fun. You can’t go wrong when there’s sunshine, good people, good food, fresh air, and endless adventures on the farm. Thanks for a great week everyone. Registrations are now OPEN for our FOUR weeks of summer camp!

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