Spring on the Farm

Spring on the Farm



Spring is like a breath of fresh air – Farm fresh air if you’re at EcoDairy. There’s something magical about the sunshine bursting through the dark grey clouds after it’s been raining for a while, and suddenly there’s pops of colour in the gardens for our bees to snack on and you can hear the sound of baby birds chirping…


Our berry bushes and butterfly gardens are alive with blooms, and for some plants blooms = berries soon! Our amazing landscaper Albert has been working hard to clean up the site and boy does he do an incredible job. Keep an eye out for him next time you visit, you may see him with a wheelbarrow or lawnmower or searching for weeds to pull and branches to trim.


You know it’s spring time on the farm when you tour through the barn and see little bits of cow hair all over the brushing station. Did you know that cows grow thicker coats in the winter to stay warm? Now they’re taking off their “winter coats”, come see for yourself next time you tour!

Ahhh, that’s the spot.

We also have four new additions to our animal exhibit! Our goat kids are about two months old now, but they’re growing FAST! They’re definitely too big to pick up and snuggle now, but they’re playful as ever and we love watching them bounce around on top of the roof in the sunshine!

Soon the bees will return to their bee boxes, the chickens will be wandering outdoors and the ice-cream stand will open weekends starting on the May long holiday, but for now we’re just excited to be in this season of growth and preparation before the business of summer hits. Come on down and enjoy the farm with us, and learn more when you take a barn tour!



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