Summer Bucket List 2017!

Summer Bucket List 2017

Mrs. Helinda talks about a family summer bucket list tradition!

Summer was slow in showing up this year but finally it has officially begun and we are super excited.

In fact, we were more than ready for summer to arrive because already in May my kids pulled out the poster paper and developed the Summer Bucket List.  Usually it’s me initiating the list but apparently they really enjoy the tradition and one day in May the 2017 edition was drafted.  We have some great aspirations for this summer.

What is a Summer Bucket List?

The Summer Bucket List is all about FUN! You won’t find ‘clean my room’ or ‘wash the windows’  or ‘organize the garage’ on this list (that’s my less exciting but equally rewarding TO DO List). It’s Summer Bucket List is a list of exciting ideas and adventures we hope to enjoy this summer.  Lucky for me, getting to enjoy a Summer Bucket List item might be the motivation needed to tick off a few items of my Summer To Do List…groan!

IMG_3970 (2)

Who Contributes to the Summer Bucket List?

Every member of the family has the opportunity to jot down their ideas; kids and parents alike…because everyone likes to have a little fun!

What goes on the List?

Whatever you like.  Everyone is  encouraged to pick ‘doable’ things.  For example ‘African Safari’ might not be realistic but perhaps ‘visit a Zoo’ is possible.  Sometimes it’s a family adventure ‘visit the grand Canyon’ and sometimes it’s an individual idea ‘golf with my buddies’.

Mission Accomplished?

Well…not always but every year we get a little closer to achieving our Summer Bucket List and at least we have a list…because you know what they say…’If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’

Let the Summer Adventures begin!


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