The Cows of EcoDairy: Dora

Meet Dora, she doesn’t stand out in the crowd of kissy cows and bossy cows, she likes to take things easy and stay more behind the scenes, but every now and then she’ll greet us on tour by poking her big freckled nose through the feeding stall to let us know that life is good. Some of our younger guests will get excited when they see Dora, because she must be an explorer like one of their favourite cartoon characters!

Dora likes to keep herself looking presentable. She keeps her mostly white coat very clean and the hair puff on top of her head properly in place.

(This is Dora’s serious fashion pose.) Lookin’ good Dora!

This girl likes structure, routine and knowing that our farmer always has her back. She feels comforted knowing that there will always be healthy breakfast each morning around 9:00, a cozy place to sleep and a robotic milking system available to her 24/7!

(Nice photo bomb Kandal)


Next time you’re on tour keep an eye out for this special lady, maybe she’ll introduce yourself, y’know, if she feels like it.

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