The Cows of EcoDairy: Francesca

The Cows of EcoDairy: Francesca


We always love bumping into Francesca on our tours. She can be a little hesitant to say hello at first but it won’t take long for her to warm up to you, especially if you have a handful of fresh barley…


Hey Francesca, guess what… We have barley for you!

That’s right, here you go…
Francesca: “MMmmmmmm DELICIOUS!”


Francesca: “Mmoooo-re please?? Come on! I can smell it in your hand, I know you have more.”

Sorry! There’s more in your food, you can find it yourself – the other cows are getting jealous!

Okay, okay – one more!!

Francesca is an all-around great girl; she doesn’t try to sneak sweet treats from the robot milker too often, she’s a good listener and she has respect for her other cowgirl-friends in the barn! She produces about 36 litres of milk each day, loves back scratches and her five minute naps.

Did you most of our ladies are named after local schools? Keep an eye out on your next visit – you might spot your school’s cow, and make sure you bring a little handful of barley for Francesca!

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