The Cows of EcoDairy: Princess

The Cows of EcoDairy: Princess


Meet Princess, she doesn’t always have her nose stuck up in the air like she’s some kind of… Well, Princess, she actually loves socializing with her barn guests when they come to learn about her! We just caught her at an awkward time with her mouth full food so delicious and healthy it makes her FEEL like royalty.

Princess is one of our Holstein gals, there’s a few other redheads like her in our barn but most of the other Holsteins are black and white.

Back in the 60’s red and white Holsteins were in low demand, farmers didn’t want them and they were selling cheap. Hey Princess, what do you think about that?

*sticks tongue out*

Yeah, we feel that way too. Luckily By Ronald F. Eustice took a liking to red and white Holsteins too! Here’s an article he wrote about his history with cows. Now there’s a growing demand for ladies like Princess.

Okay Princess, we’re picking up what you’re dropping down… We’ll leave you alone to finish your snack now.


Next time you’re exploring the dairy barn keep an eye out for this special girl!

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