Tulip Salad


Tulip Salad


We’re celebrating tulips this season with a special Tulip themed garden spot in our Discovery Zone, and we’re hosting an Instagram giveaway for 6 tickets to the Abbotsford Tulip Festival! All of this tulip talk made us want to learn more about those beautiful blooms, and an interesting fact we came across as we researched was that you can EAT them! (The flower petals that is.) They apparently taste like sweet lettuce, some with a peppery flavour.

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We found a recipe for “Organic Tulip Salad” from blog: Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen:  http://www.mariasfarmcountrykitchen.com/organic-tulip-salad/

“What you need to make the perfect Organic Tulip Salad:

  1. Start with some organic greens—a mesclun mix is best, as it adds texture and spice. You can make your own basic mix by adding arugula to your favorite lettuce. I love to mix in whatever fresh herbs are available; dill is one of my favorites for this salad.
  2. Top your salads with a colorful array of petals (make sure to wash and rinse off the pollen before serving, to avoid heartburn!). My favorites for salads are the single-petal varieties (I’ve found the double peony type to be harder to chew), including Purple Prince, Silver Dollar, Menton, and Yellow FlightIle de Franceis sure to be a good choice for adding a splash of red. I suggest conducting your own taste test or contact me for more tasty tulip ideas.
  3. For a salad that stands out in both color and taste, I add chèvre (goat cheese), pepitas (pumpkin seeds), finely sliced shallots, dried cherries (cranberries and blueberries also work well), and fresh herbs.

As for salad dressing, keep it light so you don’t lose the complexity of flavors in this salad. A simple blend of balsamic vinegar and olive oil is always nice, or any favorite vinaigrette.”

Have you tried tulip salad? We could love to hear your experience!


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