Tomorrow is Valentines Day!

Are you ready?

Don’t worry, you have a few hours left and we have a few simple tips & to make it special.


Moving Valentine’s Day from Good to GREAT!

Sure, you can race over to the local grocery store and pick up one of the 100’s of generic overpriced bouquets they have on display along with a generic box of waxy chocolates and maybe grab a card there from the picked over selection.  That’d be okay…just okay.

OR You could make Valentines Day GREAT!



You can take a moment to head over to one of the many independent, local and fabulous flower shops within the community such as Confetti Floral, Simply Perfect Flowers or Buckets Fresh Flower Market to custom make a bouquet or pick from their amazing selection. Trust me, these bouquets are waaaaaay cuter and will make a great impression.  As a chain option I even like .

Photo credit: Ciao Bella Photography



Head over to Chocolatas for some sensational, handcrafted chocolate that taste AMAZING or even a box of Purdys would be exponentially better than the heart shaped cardboard box you pick up at the corner store.
If chocolates aren't your thing why not try cookies or cupcakes? That's A Good Cookie might still have some Valentine's goodies left, or you could try Tracycakes Bakery , Duft & Co. Bakehouse downtown, or The Polly Fox for the gluten-free apple of your eye.
Nature's Pickin's Market also has a variety of unique treats!



If you are lucky, you will find a cute card at one of the florist shops, if not Spruce Collective has a cute selection but remember, it’s not so much whether or not it’s a great card but rather whether or not you wrote some great things in the card.



Good luck trying to get reservations this late in the game but fear not, you can plan a future date and or experience and explain you wanted to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds and spend quality time together.



For some Valentine’s Day is a big deal and they have high expectations, chocolates, flowers, gifts, love songs, dinner out, all of the above and then some.  For others, Valentine’s Day is less of a big deal.  Figure out what it is to your loved one and try plan accordingly…within reason of course.

I know for myself and many of my friends, we are not expecting lots of things and stuff but a nice heartfelt card and home cooked meal will make us happy.



A survey was recently taken to figure out how people felt about Valentine’s Day and 18% gave it a THUMBS UP while 82% gave it a THUMBS DOWN.

Interestingly, the reason for so many thumbs downs was the fact that people felt it was an over commercialized, money grab kind of holiday…the focus has moved from love and appreciation to stuff and spending.  These people like the idea of expressing love but just don’t appreciate that expressing that love should cost a small fortune.  The simple solution is to spend more time and effort on the one you love so you won’t need to spend as much to prove your love through stuff you buy.



So if you are one of the 18% who think it’s a big deal we hope you are spoiled rotten and if your one of the 82% we hope you still feel the love this Feb 14th  as well as a pocket full of cash you didn’t have to spend.


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