Vanessa the Tour Guide Reviews PELA CASE

Vanessa the Tour Guide Reviews PELA CASE


Working at EcoDairy means being surrounded by innovations and eco-friendly farm practices. I find myself inspired constantly as I get to see first-hand how farming has evolved into this healthy mix of modern technology and good old fashioned farm work. Being a tour guide here means teaching others about being kind to our planet while showcasing new ideas and it gets me thinking about how I can change my own daily routine to be more eco-friendly. In honour of Earth Day this month I’ll be featuring a few items I’ve purchased recently that do just that!

Call me a shop-o-holic but after I bought a new phone I was excited to begin the hunt for my new case. I went straight to the wonderful world of Amazon and there were so many cheap looking plastic options I thought there had to be something better out there.

Did you know…? “There are more than 1 billion plastic phone cases sold each year?!” Let that sink in.

The next image shows 60,000 plastic phone cases being thrown out because they no longer fit the current phone models.

SO I googled “eco-friendly phone case” and PELA CASE came up! I did a little research and they claim to be the world’s first 100% compostable phone case. Check it out.

I’m always a little cautious when buying a product online, I’ll go to every source possible to read all the negative and positive reviews. Some people claimed that their case never came in the mail, some said it took a long time for delivery and some were extremely happy with their purchase.

I really love their mission, they donate a percentage to causes that focus on keeping the oceans and coastlines clean and healthy, and I didn’t want another plastic case, so I took the plunge and gave them the benefit of the doubt.

They have a great amount of choice for colours and designs. I went with a classic green case.

$39.00 may seem expensive but you’ll pay more for cases at Best Buy and PELA CASE usually has some kind of offer or promotion of $5 or a certain percentage off your order, and you’re being kind to the environment! (After I bought this case they came out with a BEE-AUTIFUL bee themed case that I love… I’m tempted, but one is enough… For now.)

I waited about two weeks for my case, not gonna’ lie I began to worry that I fell into a scam, but sure enough, a day or two later my case was delivered to my neighbor’s house by accident and they brought it over.

The packaging was just a simple lightweight cardboard envelope, there was no bubble wrap or unnecessary plastic and inside was my Pela Case! I love the colour and the little flecks.

This case was made out of:

Terratek Flex: “A starch-based elastomer that is strong, durable and pliable with an exquisite soft touch. It has been tested by NSF International and is verified to meet child safety standards in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.”

Canadian Prairie Flax Shive: “Grown in the clean, clear air of the northern Canadian prairies, Canadian flax is the finest in the world. A supplier of food-grade flax starts with flax seed, which is mostly free of foreign matter, usually has less than 5% dark seeds, and is a uniform colour.”

(You could probably eat it…) The best part about this phone is when I’m finished with it, it won’t end up in my garbage can or recycling bin, it can go straight into my backyard compost and eventually, into my garden! (I guess that means I might end up eating it after all!)

PELA CASE: Vanessa approved.

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