Vanessa the tour guide’s Eco-friendly product review: Abeego Wraps

Vanessa the tour guide’s Eco-friendly product review: Abeego Wraps


My grandma has been using reusable bags for as long as I can remember. She’s a smart, thrifty Russian woman who’s always known how to preserve her food, cut back on the unnecessary items in life and re-use the plastic containers that she has accumulated over time. She still puts her homemade sauerkraut in old margarine buckets. 🙂 Back in her day grocery shopping was close to home, food was always local, fresh and probably wrapped in brown paper if anything, no single-use plastic.

Did you know…?

Saran wrap was first sold as a household product in the 50’s, but it’s history dates back to 1933 when a college student, Ralph Wiley accidentally discovered polyvinylidene chloride – a substance that wouldn’t easily scrub off his test tube in the chemical lab. The substance was later developed into a greasy, dark green film and renamed "Saran." The military sprayed it on fighter planes to guard against salty sea spray and carmakers used it on upholstery. The green colour and odor was eventually removed and in combination with polyolefins, polystyrene and other polymers, Saran would be co-extruded into multi-layer sheets, films and tubes.

Fast forward to after World War II and saran wrap was approved for household products.

The era of single use plastic seems to be coming to an end now and more people are making the switch back to reusable bags, containers and eco-friendly wraps - and they’re taking it a step further with other reusable items that are compostable, bio-degradable and overall less wasteful.


On that note, let me introduce you to the next feature in my eco-friendly product review series: The Abeego Wrap!

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I was first introduced to this fun idea when a friend of mine crafted me a set of wraps for Christmas! She used patterned cloth squares and coated them with beeswax, creating a reusable, natural way for me to wrap my fruits and veggies. Later I noticed a pack of Abeego Wraps for sale at Nature’s Pickin’s Market and thought I’d add a few more to my collection because they came in different sizes.

Top 3 reasons why I love Abeego:

  1. They’re a Canadian company
  2. 2. The wraps are all natural! The ingredients come from the earth and will return to the earth.
  3. 3. Abeego has a zero waste commitment – they even make twist ties and fire starters with the excess materials.

Abeego has provided some helpful tips on how to use their product, but in the end it’s pretty simple: Wrap, wash, re-use. When the wraps have worn out and it’s time for a replacement you can feel good knowing they’re biodegradable and compostable, or they can be used as fire starters for campfires, BBQs or wood stoves.

(Learn more here)

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“Beeswax wraps are made by infusing pieces of cotton with a mixture of food-grade beeswax, pine rosin and oil, usually jojoba or coconut. The waxy coating makes the cloth waterproof, but breathable.”

I’ve found that the wraps stick well to themselves, but when I’ve placed them over a larger bowl with less room to fold I usually need a string or rubber band to hold it in place.

I wrapped up half a lemon and forgot it in my fridge for about a month, but when I opened up the wrap the lemon STILL looked and smelled fresh. I don’t think plastic would have had such a positive outcome.

I would recommend this product to anyone trying to cut back on plastic, and if you’re feeling crafty you can try to make your own – They smell ah-mazing because they’re made with beeswax.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my next product review, and if you have any suggestions send them my way!

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