We saw many changes in 52 weeks

We saw many changes in 52 weeks


Time has a way of moving along

2018 has come and gone

EcoDairy had an exciting year

Making us smile and be of good cheer

Spring saw many new babies, kids and lambs

As well as tour groups and busloads of EcoDairy fans

The farm was busy planting the crops

And setting up barns for our herds and flocks

Tractors were rumbling in and out of the fields

Ensuring at harvest we would enjoy good yields

Summer came along and with it sunshine

And all the sun suited us just fine

The berries ripened nicely, the grass grew green

The animals were happy and always keen

The cattle in the field, the animals in the paddock

And the Free Bird hens, the whole happy flock

One of our favorite in summer is our yummy ice cream

And our friendly faced and wonderful scooping team

Summer may have ended but the sunshine stayed

As fall arrived and in the wind the trees swayed

The AMOOzing Race was developed and new signage was produced

And this exciting EcoDairy enhancement was introduced

Harvest season, Harvest Party;  time to celebrate

We toured, we drank, we laughed we ate

But before fall ended, there was more to do

Our annual event MOO or BOO

As usual, fun was had by all

And winter came to push aside fall

Winter is where we are today

But it’s a New Year so we shout HOORAY

2018 brought much growth and many changes

Including a few friendly new faces

And as we stand at the beginning of 2019

It almost makes us want to scream

With excitement and anticipation of what’s to come

Made possible by each and everyone

Of you; our members, our supporters, our campers, our fans

Our sponsors, our team, our busy helping hands.

And of course our animals with their undeniable charm

Who make us who we are; the EcoDairy Farm.

So now we wish a Happy MOO Year to you

And hope you come and visit us soon.

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