What to Do With Leftover Pumpkin

What to Do With Leftover Pumpkin




Hello November.  Halloween has come and gone and it’s time get rid of the pumpkins.

But before you toss them in the trash we want to fill you in on a few other ways to use up these orange autumnal vegetables.


Pass the Pumpkin Please

Pumpkins are edible.  It’s true.  The only part of the pumpkin that is not edible is the stalk.

These orange beauties aren’t just produced to adorn your front door are be carved into a magnificent Jack-o-lantern.  They can be baked, chopped, pureed and become sweet and savory dishes like soups and stews or loaves and pies.  Check out Delicious Magazines ideas for your leftover pumpkins.  Just looking at the pictures is making me hungry for pumpkins.


For the Birds

If you are not interested in eating these pumpkins other critters might be.

Wildlife experts suggest bringing pumpkin carcasses to local wooded areas, parks and forests for animals to enjoy.  At this time of year as food gets more scarce, pumpkins provide a lovely and healthy snack for the wildlife.


Pumpkin Toss

So before you toss that crazy eyed jack-o-lantern in the trash consider all the possibilities…and if eating or feeding doesn’t appeal to you, you can compost pumpkins or toss them in the food waste bin.


So there is what you can do with your leftover pumpkins this year…that is until they roll around next fall.

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