What to do with those Thanksgiving Leftovers?!

What to do with those Thanksgiving Leftovers?!





Thanksgiving has come and gone but the leftovers remain.

You’d be surprised at how many people prefer turkey leftovers to turkey dinner.

Sure who doesn’t love the turkey, the stuffing, the potatoes, the yams, the brussel sprouts, the pumpkin pie and gathering together with an attitude of gratitude…but the leftovers are just a wonderful aftermath of that shared thanksgiving meal.

I asked around and here are the top uses for those turkey leftovers.

Turkey Sandwiches: who doesn’t love a turkey sandwich, these beauties are so popular they can be found year round at various deli’s.  Nature's Pickin's serves up a fine Cranberry Craze.

Turkey Soup: soup is the ultimate comfort food and always enjoyable this time of year as the days grow cooler and the nights grow longer.  Pull out your favorite chicken soup recipe and swap the chicken with turkey.

Turkey Pot Pie:  Chicken Pot Pie is always a favorite and so is turkey pot pie.

Turkey Thanksgiving Casserole:  turkey isn’t the only leftovers, what about the stuffing, the potatoes & the veggies…there is a solution for that…just use the stuffing for a crust, mix the turkey, veggies and gravy to make the filling and top with mashed potatoes…voila…thanksgiving casserole.

We hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving and hope you have some leftovers to enjoy too!

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