Year End Celebrations

Year End Celebrations


It’s still November but in order to beat the rush of Christmas calendar chaos we held one of our staff Christmas parties this past weekend.

Let me explain.

EcoDairy is part of the Nutriva Group of companies.

Nutriva Group is like the parent company to several other different agribusinesses dealing in farm, feed and food.

EcoDairy is the not for profit arm of the Nutriva Group.  So while Nutriva Group conducted a year end retreat and Christmas party this past weekend including a few key EcoDairy staff the bulk of the EcoDairy team will get to enjoy their party in December.  (Stay tuned for that blog post later in December).

At Nutriva & EcoDairy we believe in celebrating the past, enjoying the present and looking forward to the future, hence a Year End Celebration.


Retreat Day

The day started with a Year End Retreat which included a day of meetings, celebrating accomplishments for the year gone by and setting goals and casting visions for the year ahead…hence our theme…THE FUTURE IS SO BRIGHT WE GOTTA WEAR SHADES.

We even enjoyed a lovely boat tour of Harrison Lake with Shoreline Tours.

Rest Up & Dress Up

Following the meetings our staff enjoyed all that the Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa  has to offer from stunning views in a picturesque setting, lovely rooms, wonderful pools and a first class spa.  Ahhhhhhh!

Party Time

Then it was time to party.  We enjoyed a fabulous meal put on by the resort.  Fun games to play together with the staff and their guests.  Live music by Greg Neufeld who is spectacular.  We danced the night away and even threw in an arm wrestling match…because…why not.


Party Favours

In the end staff walked away with a bag full of goodies such as a Hanes T-shirt branded by MJ, a book by David Phillips, a Goals and Visions journal from Lemonee designs, some gifts selected from the Food for Hungry Gift Guide as well.

Merry & Bright

We celebrated all that is Merry & Bright with Nutriva Group.  Thankful to work with such an amazing team and looking forward to a bright future together.

Hope you get a chance to celebrate all that is merry & bright in your life this season.  I know we have a few things planned here at EcoDairy so stay tuned.

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