Looking for the perfect Year End Teacher Gift, we have a few ideas to help you out.

As ‘good students’ we have done our research and here are some ideas that will get you a gold star from the teachers.



I’m not joking.  There is nothing like a handmade, heart felt card where students have a chance to draw a picture and write their own sentiments (or have a scribe to write the sentiments) in a card and share what they liked about the teacher or about the school year or their favorite memory.  It’s nice to read parents words of encouragement and affirmation as well.  These are the gifts that warm a teachers heart.


Whether it’s a gift card to a favorite restaurant, store, coffee shop, breakfast café, market, bookstore, bistro, spa etc. Gift cards can always be used and are always appreciated.


Candles burn, chocolates get eaten, flowers wilt, books get read, oils diffuse, soap gets washed down the sink and yet they are all very appreciated gifts … unless of course all the students in the class get you the same thing  😛


It’s great when a mom or parent organizes the class, has everyone pitch in and then presents the teacher with a big ticket item like a night away or dinner and a movie for two or a loaded gift card to purchase a big ticket item or buying and presenting a big ticket item you know the teacher really wants but is reluctant to buy.


Whatever you decide to get the teachers in your life be sure to try and support local.

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