Your BC Day Long Weekend Itinerary…

Your BC Day Long Weekend Itinerary...


It’s called BEAUTIFUL British Columbia for a reason.

Bordered by an ocean dotted with thousands of islands and a stunning shoreline with rocks and sands and beyond that an abundance of trees, forests, fields, valleys, fertile farmland, hills, mountains,  breezy bays, shaded groves, dusty deserts, pebbled lakeshores, lush rainforests, jagged mountains, gushing waterfalls, rushing rivers, murky waters, clear waters, wild animals and wonderful people including the first nations who appreciated this land long before the arrivals from the new world came to appreciate it, discover it’s potential and call it British Columbia.

Here are a few ideas on how to enjoy your BC Day long weekend!

GET OUTSIDE AND TAKE IN THE BEAUTY – The beauty of nature is all around us in different shapes and forms just visit the Fraser Valley experiences for ideas on what to see and do.

ABBOTSFORD AGRIFAIR – Come visit Agrifair: the best little country fair.  There is something for everyone from mornining until night. Check out the website for more information.

JOIN THE CIRCUS – Okay, you don’t have to actually join the circus but check out Circo Osorio

HAVE FUN ON THE FARM AT ECODAIRY – Spend the day at EcoDairy where you can meet the animals on the farm in the barns and in the fields, pick berries, enjoy a picnic lunch from Natures Pickins in the back field followed by an Ice Cream cone from the Ice-cream shop on site open daily from 11-6.

It’s the BC Day long weekend and this beautiful province is worth celebrating.

My family and I had the opportunity to explore this province a little more this summer and were reminded of the rich history and stunning natural beauty to appreciate.  We loved every minute of it…except for the mosquitoes 😛


Happy BC Day!

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