Your EcoDairy June Checklist

Your EcoDairy June Checklist


June on the farm is a magical time! Each season brings new reasons to visit and trust us, this month wouldn’t be complete without the checklist below.

1. Visit Darla the Donkey, Angel the Mini Horse, Baarbara, Woolamina and their babies (April, Angelique and Bronco) the sheep out in the back field after you’ve eaten a delicious picnic lunch prepared by Nature’s Pickin’s next door.

2. Grab a bag of Alfalfa for $1 at our front desk and feed the petting zoo animals, they’ll love you forever!

3. Stop by the ice-cream stand, say hello to our summer staff and enjoy a delicious, cool, creamy treat.

4. Tour through the barn and robot observation room and learn about how our cows (and farmers) are getting ready for the hot weather ahead.

5. #SayMoo! Share your experience with us! Whether you’re biting into a giant slice of watermelon in the back field, or petting the fuzzy baby sheep, or getting licked in the face by one of our dairy ladies we want to see it all! Tag @ecodairy if you’re using Facebook or Instagram.

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